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January 26, 2023 (Album Update/New Podcast Episode)

I've been struggling with writing lately and haven't had the urge to make any new McCafferty songs because I have been in a deep depression, but am excited to announce that for my next release I am going to be re-recording and modernizing some of my old material. I love my older songs so much and have been playing them and am super proud of them. I don't know what I'll name the record and haven't picked out every song, but know for sure "Is your shirt inside out", "Alright (Alright)" and "Skeleton bones" will be some of the songs I work with. There's magic in those old recordings and I think some of my best work and now that I have been in treatment, working to become a better person and am living a healthy safe life I want to explore them again in my sobriety. My wife and I will also be uploading a podcast once a month called "The Movies We Watch" where I'm going to go through my letterbox Diary and talk about, well, the movies we watched that month. Film is our obsession and something we love to talk about and it will be available on the site and I will post a link when it's up. I haven't answered any emails for about a month so if you've messaged and haven't heard back I apologize and I'll be getting to them soon. I'm really excited and passionate about these songs and will have more to update soon. Hope everyone is well



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