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I did a live acoustic video of Dead-Bird; you can check out on my Instagram here.

I bought the same model acoustic guitar that I used to own and wrote Beachboy on and I’m hoping it’ll give me inspiration while I write some new songs for the album. It’s a great guitar and I love the way it sounds. I’m looking forward to writing! I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for listening.


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Burning Vs Drowning will release on all streaming platforms June 7th! It'll be the last single I put out until the album drops. The record is a mixture of new songs and the remakes and should be out this fall. I still have to write the new songs so I'm going to try to buy a nice guitar to write on. I always used to play Martin acoustics so I'll probably try to get a new one.

If you want, you can head to my Instagram to hear a preview of the song. I am about a month behind on emails after the most recent batch I sent out, but I am hoping to catch up here this week.

I've been feeling really lethargic this past month, I don't know if it's my evening medication or what, but I've been sleeping until noon or later every day and haven't accomplished anything I want to work on. I'm not depressed like how I usually feel depressed, but I've been waking up way too late and am going to finally start getting up and writing. I still want to start a new script and am working on another side project I want to finish up. I just don't want to waste the ideas I have in my head and don't want my mental health to prevent that. It's up to me to do the actual work. I just wish I wasn't so tired all the time. Working on new music will help though, because then I have a writing schedule. I'm looking forward to trying to make some new songs, I don't want them to sound too similar to Snoqualmie, so I have taken a break from writing for a couple months. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for listening.



Instagram link to song preview

  • Writer's pictureNick Hartkop

Episode 4 of our podcast, The Movies We Watch With Nick And Emily, is live right now! You can stream it on Spotify, Spreaker, or directly on the website here:



Website Thank you for listening!



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