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  • Nick Hartkop

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I just got home from recording Snoqualmie today. It is going to be the last single before the release of the album. Trees III will be on the album, so if you've been waiting for it, it'll be available then. This album to me has been a transition piece to me of learning to record with different producers at different studios. I think of this album more similar to my first full band release Dancebeats. It's me figuring out my music and where I want it to go now. To me these songs almost sound like demos and it reminds me of when I used to make my music in my bedroom. Now that I am finished recording I am going to take some time off and then begin writing my next release, which I want to take probably another year writing and releasing.

My goal for 2023 is to put on a charity show in Seattle Washington. I will buy out a venue and have everyone come for free, and we will have merchandise that will be donated to The Trevor Project. The performance would be my wife on bass and two of my good friends on drums and electric. My drummer travels for Broadway and cruise liners, and he is gone until May 15th of 2023 so it'll be soon after that. It's a long way away (Next summer) But it's necessary to start planning now and letting people know it's coming. I miss playing live, and if we could let people come for free, hang out and help a good cause, I think it could be amazing and I am looking forward to it. Both my therapist and my Rabbi will be there and it'll be a safe, fun way for me to play a show. I won't ever tour again because of my struggle with BPD/Bipolar and history of dropping off shows and wasting peoples time, but I want to play out again. Nothing is concrete at this time, it's just an idea.

We have a zip up hoodie, and a t-shirt that will be available on my website this month, and all proceeds go to Easterseals. Keep an eye on the blog for updates. We already have the designs and are just working on colors to pick out.

Snoqualmie will be out in the next couple of weeks, and the album will be out shortly after that. The album consists of every single I have put out the last two years.

Lastly, I have not responded to any emails in probably around a month and plan on getting to them this week, so if you have sent a message I will get back to you.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am really excited for you all to hear the new song.


  • Nick Hartkop

Since going to the mental hospital, becoming medicated and starting therapy for the last two and a half years, my BPD and Bipolar no longer have me living a destructive lifestyle where I hurt myself and the people around me. Having to live with the person I was back then is really embarrassing and hard to deal with at times. I was completely out of control and so unhappy. For example, I used to get so manic and angry that I took a hammer and smashed holes in all the walls and windows in my apartment, flipped the refrigerator, smashed my televisions, crushed my laptop, and took an entire bottle of Xanax and crashed my car. Looking back at those feelings are really scary to me because I don't display those behaviors or emotions anymore, but it's scary that they live inside me and if I'm not accountable for my mental health they could come back.

I don't feel like that person anymore though, I'm not angry anymore which was something I really struggled with. Because of the rehabilitation I have been in, I feel like even if I was unmedicated I wouldn't display those behaviors because therapy has taught me how to deal with my anger, but I will never go off medication because of how much it helps me. I still have days where I struggle. I cry for no reason, shame myself, live in my mistakes, and sometimes it's hard to function day to day. I also feel angry sometimes about everything, but my anger is controlled now and I have coping mechanisms to get through it. If I had not started treatment I would be dead right now. I was really really bad off, and it feels like I am just starting my life because of how much I have grown. It's weird to be someone in your life and then grow into a completely different person and looking back at your old self, it doesn't even feel like it's you. If that makes sense.

My therapist tells me that I need to start moving forward in my life and stop punishing myself for the failures I have had, but it's really really hard for me. I feel like a complete failure and am incredibly embarrassed. Something I have been feeling insecure about lately is how I never was able to figure out a career or hold a job. I went to college for Special education but was a terrible teacher. I learned quickly that I hated being a teacher and having to scold kids, mainly because I related to them through the struggles they were facing. I tried to go back to school last year for coding but dropped out because I was so afraid that people would judge me for my past and no one would hire me. So that was something self-destructive that I struggled with. My problem in life is that nothing interests me. I am obsessed with death and everything feels pointless to me. I love being an artist but I'm a failed artist. It feels at times that everyone hates me and that doing music is pointless, but there are people who connect with McCafferty and I am never going to stop creating. I'm going to be 50 years old writing McCafferty songs still because McCafferty is my purpose. But I'm jealous of "normal people" who work a 9-5, have normal social interactions and are fulfilled in their life. I love my life and am married to my best friend and biggest support system, but I feel unfulfilled in many other areas of my life. These are things I am trying to figure out and want to. But growth is important, and I am not the person I was 2 years ago. I learned that rehabilitation starts one day at a time. One healthy day followed by another followed by another until it becomes a pattern. I've been living safe and healthy for over two years now and I think it's important for me to acknowledge that instead of constantly telling myself I'm a failure, but who knows. All I know is I am much happier living a healthy life. Because of treatment I have been able to create a lot of positive social relationships and friends who know about my past but accept me for the person I am being and want to be.

I'm recording a new song next Friday, so I am excited to see my producer and make something awesome. My biggest question in life right now is, how do I move on from the person I was into the person I am now. How do I wake up and not instantly think about failure, how do I stop myself from feeling like I would be better off dead. Sometimes I think about that. If I kill myself all my music and blogs will just sit for people to find. But I think that ending is too sad, I don't want to die, and I don't want to be alone. I want to be good, happy, accountable and loved. I used to crave love from every person I met, but I know that's not possible and people have all the reason to dislike me. I dislike who I was an my past and agree with them. But I am going to live more of my life being the person I am rather than the person I was. I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling at this point, but I just wanted to make a blog expressing myself. Hope everyone is well


  • Nick Hartkop

I've started going through my emails and responding, but it's going to take some time. I am still only on messages from May 10th, and I am aiming to do about 20 responses a day. It takes a couple hours to get through them because I want to give thoughtful responses because I am so grateful for the messages, they mean the world to me. I am hoping to be caught up by the end of the month. Below are the lyrics to Liquid Courage, I hope everyone is enjoying the song. Thank you for streaming it and giving my life purpose.

Liquid Courage Lyrics:

Running through the forest with my backpack full of cocaine, cocaine If we just keep driving, we should reach Jersey by Sunday morning Maybe if we kiss we could break tension like my brother's rib cage Stole the bastard's wallet from my father when he wasn’t looking I’ve taken up poetry so I can express all these feelings I wrote letters that I never sent because I never mean 'em Wrote my poem on my hand in sharpie so I don’t forget it What was I talking about? Oh, right. (FUCK!) I can’t stay awake because my friends are all so fuckin boring I can feel the energy my pen has when I’m writing stories I could see the words come off the canvas and go up your nose Now I’m in your brain and know how to make your lungs feel closed Can I have a sip of that? My cuddle tank is feeling empty Liquid courage for the nerves He’s way worse than she deserves Drunken sex after dessert Keeps her heart, with lovely words Broken wings, a flightless bird Promised me this wouldn’t hurt Can I have a sip of that? My cuddle tank is feeling empty Liquid courage for the nerves He’s way worse than she deserves Drunken sex after dessert Keeps her heart, with lovely words Broken wings, a flightless bird Promised me this wouldn’t hurt Her mom said my brain is broke My thoughts wanna see me choke Crown of Thorns lay on my head I’ll stay home and sleep instead Your dad's back in jail again Apple picking with a friend Mirror, mirror on the wall Who’s most lonely of them all I can’t fall in love again (stay away, stay away) Cupid's arrow in my neck (stay away, stay away) I’m more trouble than I’m worth (stay away, stay away) You’re a danger to yourself (stay away, stay away) Can I have a sip of that? My cuddle tank is feeling empty Liquid courage for the nerves He’s way worse than she deserves Drunken sex after dessert Keeps her heart, with lovely words Broken wings, a flightless bird Promised me this wouldn’t hurt

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