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Episode 4 of our podcast, The Movies We Watch With Nick And Emily, is live right now! You can stream it on Spotify, Spreaker, or directly on the website here:

Website Thank you for listening!



  • Writer's pictureNick Hartkop

With the help of my team, we have created a personal Instagram for myself that is a companion to my blog to help give people easier ways to see updates other than a newsletter.

I have comments and messages turned off because in my past I had an unhealthy obsession with social media and wanting people to like me and I was a toxic person. I have been in treatment for three and a half years for my Bipolar and BPD and have grown significantly as a person and want the opportunity to be normal. I want to be a good person and share things about my life to those who care, and I am really excited to start posting. I'll share blog updates, new podcast episodes, and things from my life. I won't be following anybody. I have about 100 emails left to get through and I am incredibly thankful for you all. You can always send a message to and I will get back to you, even if it takes me a while to respond.

You can follow the Instagram here


  • Writer's pictureNick Hartkop

Skeleton Bones is now available on all streaming platforms:

Thank you to everyone who checks out the song, I really hope you like it! We also recorded Alright (Alright) which will be the next single to come out. Our merch line to support the National Center for Transgender Equality is coming along and once the merchandise enters production by our partner, preorders will go live. I'll share preorders via the blog and email once it becomes available. Thank you again to everyone who listens.



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