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April 28, 2023 (Instagram)

With the help of my team, we have created a personal Instagram for myself that is a companion to my blog to help give people easier ways to see updates other than a newsletter.

I have comments and messages turned off because in my past I had an unhealthy obsession with social media and wanting people to like me and I was a toxic person. I have been in treatment for three and a half years for my Bipolar and BPD and have grown significantly as a person and want the opportunity to be normal. I want to be a good person and share things about my life to those who care, and I am really excited to start posting. I'll share blog updates, new podcast episodes, and things from my life. I won't be following anybody. I have about 100 emails left to get through and I am incredibly thankful for you all. You can always send a message to and I will get back to you, even if it takes me a while to respond.

You can follow the Instagram here


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