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January 30, 2023 (The Movies We Watch Podcast)

Hey, what's up everybody! Here is our first episode of our new podcast "The Movies We Watch With Nick and Emily". We are hoping to build a community around it and if you have recommendations for us to watch for our February episode, please send a message through my contact form or This is a podcast we wanted to make for ourselves where we talk about the movies we watch each month and think it would be fun to get more people involved. The podcast is available here on our site and Spotify. It's our first episode so it's a little rough, but we are hoping to improve over time. On a side note, I should be heading into the studio to record a remastered version of "Is Your Shirt Inside out" next month! If you enjoy the podcast, let us know!

Links available here (If the Spotify page is not available in your region yet, please check back soon or listen via the website):

(Podcasts | McCafferty (



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