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July 15th, 2021 (New EP)

I spent some time the last few days writing, but haven't written anything concrete yet. I have recorded some demos with ideas that I like, but I'm waiting on equipment I ordered to mess with as many different sounds as I can. It 's nice not feeling any pressure to release anything, and doing it in a healthy way.

I’ve been working with multiple drummers, some of whom have been on the road. We have booked November 15, 2021 to start recording the EP. I am excited for them to return and to enter the studio in the fall.

I am thankful for the messages people have been sending, and for the interest in merchandise. Unfortunately, I was not capable of handling the pressure of mass producing merchandise, and I don't have any plans to do merch. I have a company who is interested, but I don't feel right about it. If I were to do anything, maybe a very limited release of the new EP in the fall, but even typing that makes me feel scared and not want to do it. I am going to focus on continuing treatment and working on songs when I have free time.

The weather out has been getting cooler and the clouds are grey here today. I like writing in fall weather, its always been the visual I use for McCafferty. I think my music is best streamed in the fall, because of that melancholy feeling that goes along with the season. I feel most depressed in the summer, and happier in the fall. ___ I've been listening to a lot of the P5R OST lately, and I think the song Beneath the Mask has a relaxing atmosphere. It's a song I listen to when I go to public places because it helps ease my social anxiety. You can check it out here:

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