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March 14, 2023 (New Song/Self-Titled Album)

"Is Your Shirt Inside Out?" is now available on all streaming platforms.

Thank you to everyone who listens and I hope you enjoy the song. If you haven't already listened, the link to the song on Spotify can be found here.

Each of the remakes will be released as we record them. Once all the remakes are out, they will be compiled into a new self-titled album. Additionally, I am hoping to include a couple new songs on the final release. I've included the album art below as a sneak peek!

I am still 2 months behind on messages but will be getting to them this month. I have also heard from the merchandising team that the online store for the newest charity lineup will be live by roughly the end of April. Once we have more details and proofs of the merchandise, we will share.



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