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March 30, 2022 (My Chemical Romance Radio)

My Chemical Romance has forever been my favorite band (tied with The Killers and Blink-182) and the biggest accomplishment I have had in music is being added to their Spotify Radio. It is really surreal to me that my music has traveled so much that I am now related to and part of my favorite artist's page. I don't have many things I am proud of regarding my music, but this is something I will never forget and am incredibly thankful for. It's crazy that out of all the bands in the world mine made it to their rotation. I want to thank everyone who listens and connects with the music.

I haven’t gotten to any emails since the start of March so if you have sent something in, I will get back to you. I have been focusing on my therapy and have started new antidepressants alongside antipsychotics and it's been something I am adjusting to. I am thankful for the love and support of my family and other people who listen and I promise not to let anyone down with my treatment. I am still really afraid of being forgotten and am incredibly insecure and regretful of my failures, but I am trying to start to move on with my life and not focus on them all day everyday. I wish I could go back in time and not hurt people and myself and I am thankful for my treatment and being able to get help to finally be the person I should be and want to be. I wish I didn't have this desire to be liked by everyone because it's pathetic and impossible to achieve, but I hope that before I die people can see that I truly have changed and am a good person.



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