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May 2, 2022 (Screenplay Available Now)

Over the last two years, I have been working on a screenplay that I have been submitting to the industry. I submitted it for a review on BLKLST and told myself if it scored a 7 or higher I would publish it. I will attach the review I received at the bottom of this blog for people to check out, as well as a link to the screenplay. The entire script is free to read here on my website. It is also available on Kindle, and you can purchase a paperback for $9.99 if interested.

Kindle/Paperback The name of the script is Cancelled, and the logline for the film is: After being cancelled, a failed comedian with Bipolar and BPD comes to terms with the consequences of his abusive past. I wanted to write a story that explored what it means to be someone who has an abusive past but wants to move forward as a good person, and the challenges having Bipolar and BPD present for creating and maintaining healthy relationships. It is ultimately a story exploring what it means to be an abuser who wants to break the cycle they have created for themselves, and the scars their behavior leaves on others. It is a story shaped by my own past, and not something I could have written if I hadn't been the person I was and had the failures I have had. I want to be a good person and someone people can be proud of. I want to have and maintain healthy relationships and treat people well, and I want to take all the regret and shame I have and use it to better myself. I want to know if it is possible for me to redeem myself in my life and the eyes of others or am, or if I am damned forever. I take my therapy and medication seriously and have been doing what it takes to stay healthy. I don't ever want to be that person again, I hate my past and who I was. This is the first screenplay I have ever written and I am very proud of it. I am interested to see if people enjoy it or think the review is similar to how you feel about it, and I would love some reviews on it so please send me your thoughts to if you have time to read and review it. The next screenplay I am beginning to write is a horror movie and I will publish that too when it is eventually done. To anyone who takes the time to check it out, thank you. I have poured my soul into it and hope it is a movie people will enjoy. I will do a detailed breakdown of the story and what I wanted to create thematically as time passes and people get a chance to read it before spoiling anything. (On a side note, I have about 200 emails in my inbox that I have been trying to get through, and I apologize for the late response, I promise that I will get back to you shortly, my focus has been on finishing this script. I also am going to try to head into the studio within the next month or two for a new song.) Nick


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