• Nick Hartkop

October 31, 2021 (Rehabilitation)

I had a meeting with my new psychiatrist on Friday, and it went really well. I am being introduced to new techniques through CBT and ACT, as well as starting new medications called Geodon, Prazosin, Benztropine, Lamictal, and Seroquel. (I am starting new medications alongside my previous medications.) My new psychiatrist specializes in BPD/Bipolar I so I feel hopeful. I am thankful for my support systems and for the ability to receive therapy and medication. It is hard for me to talk about the mental health struggles I have had in my life in-person, and last year I walked out of multiple psychiatrist appointments because I would get too overwhelmed to talk, or didn't feel comfortable sharing my struggles. I was really happy that it went well, and that I feel comfortable with my new psychiatrist. The new medications have been making me tired, so I have been falling asleep early, which is nice considering I usually get 3 hours on a good day. It was also nice that my new psychiatrist has a background in music, so I was able to relate to them and felt like they understood me. I want to be the best version of myself, and be a stable person who is capable of living a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships. I am excited that through my new treatment plan, I will be able to continue working towards that. I want to find peace and happiness in my life. -Nick (I still have not been able to get to the messages my team has forwarded to me, but I plan on answering them all tomorrow. I want to thank anyone who has written in, and I will get back to you.)

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