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October 4, 2021 (Poetry)

I fell in love with fall when everything started to die

There’s something about the way the air smells, cool and sharp

The way it feels when you walk under grey skies

I feel something in my chest

Like exploring abandoned castles with hills of green

Do you hear the wind, my friend?

The way it makes these empty halls talk

The way the window panes on the church are broken, and the way the empty pews are now covered in leaves

Crumpled and shriveled, to crunch underneath our steps

Do you feel any different than last year?

Something in this wind,

feels lost but also found

It’s that feeling in my chest

Of corn mazes and hayrides

Pumpkins and Apples

Of an excuse to be sad

I close my eyes and listen to the way the wind makes the trees talk

Do you feel any different than last year?

I feel sad for empty people.

But like the owl twists it’s neck, I fear there will come a time where I twist mine

To see the world clearly for the first and last time

And spin around my head, to see the seasons pass before me

Grey skies and cold air that talks me to sleep.

Do you hear the wind, my friend?

Asked the wide-eyed owl

I’m getting tired and the cold is here,

It’s almost time for bed

But I have to ask before I leave

I hear your home is haunted, and the ghost that sleeps there looks like you

Is that true?

Do you feel any different than last year?

The clouds are feeling sad today

I can see them crying from my window



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