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September 25th, 2021 (Album Announcement)

I have been working on an album/Extended EP this last year, and I am approaching finishing it up. It originally started as an EP, but I think it is turning into something longer. I wanted to discuss the process and songs openly to give anyone who is interested a chance to follow along with its progress. I will continue updating the blog with updates on songs and the recording.

I have taken the last couple weeks off to separate myself from music and focus on counseling so I don’t become too obsessed with the release, and my team has sent me the messages that people have written in. I will be replying to them all over the next couple days, and I apologize for the late responses. I am thankful for them and will take the time to make sure I get back to you.

For Snoqualmie Welcomes You, I wanted to choose a place that was special to me and where treatment and healing has taken place. It is a mountain town that has a lot of isolation and peace. The skies are grey there a lot. I have always loved gloomy weather, and feel like it's what best represents McCafferty. I have been composing the album, and it's been a nice cohesive process. I am excited to be directly involved in the mixing and producing process, and am proud of the songs. I’ve been working with a studio and a producer who has a lot of passion for my music, and understands my past and I am thankful for their acceptance and time.

I recorded most of the song demos in my home, but am waiting for a studio drummer I work with to be back from his current project in November. We will start recording in the studio November 15 and am going to hopefully be done by the end of the month.

The song names on the album are a mixture of stories and based on places around Snoqualmie that are special to me. Ultimately I am a writer who loves to tell stories, so I am trying to make sure this release isn’t going to become “BPD the album.”

I have written one song about Borderline Personality Disorder that I think will be the last song on the release, but I have tried to create visual stories again similar to my old material. I will update the tracklist as recording starts.

I also wanted to include a commentary at the end of this album where I can discuss the creative process for each song, where I am in my life. I thought having a conversation piece at the end of the album would give a safe controlled environment to talk with my recording partners. I plan for it to be about an hour long, but this is subject to change.

I still need to write probably two more songs to make the release feel complete, and that is my focus over the next few weeks until we start recording. I also needed to take time off so my guitar felt fresh when I started writing again. I I was aiming for a fall release, but because I have no obligations on release, I don’t have a set date at this time, but am hoping for the release to be finished by the end of winter.

An update on merchandise: My team is working to get an official charity certification from Easterseals before the store goes live for the limited 50 t-shirts.

Snoqualmie Welcomes You will have a full vinyl and merchandise run (Again all for charity). The official artwork is here in this blog, and I will upload it to my Spotify. (Thank you to Emily for the album art, you are an incredible artist)

I am grateful for the opportunity to share more stories through my music with you. Thanks for listening. If you have any questions about the release, feel free to send a message through the contact form, I will get back to you.


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