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I wrote this album in October of 2021 in a bulk session of about a week. I decided for this release that I would play every instrument (except drums), because I was still in the process of finding the right people to work with. For my next release, I will have a full band again, and I am going to start writing that record sometime next year, which I’m very excited about.

Snoqualmie Welcomes You is the first collection of songs I have written and recorded while medicated and in therapy for my bipolar/BPD. Because of that it means a lot to me and represents a lot. I want to be a good person in my life, and I am incredibly regretful and embarrassed of my past. I want to be someone people can be proud of and like to be around and live a safe healthy life. I am at the point of moving forward in my life as the person I need to be and want to be, and I am incredibly grateful to those who have educated me and promise I won't let anyone down.

I went through a couple of songs that didn’t make it on the release because, as I started recording, I didn’t feel that they fit the album. For this release, I wanted to release all the songs as singles then compile most of them onto the album.

We are working on merchandise that we plan on having by the end of the year, I'm hoping to have more on that soon.

I still haven’t gotten to my messages yet but that’s my plan for this weekend, I am sorry for the late responses.


  • Writer's pictureNick Hartkop

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

We were noticing our bunny was lonely, so we got her a little sister named Baby. We have been taking care of her all week and I haven’t had time to get to emails but will be getting to them next week. I’m really sorry if you’ve sent something in and haven’t heard from me yet. I hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoy the new song.



Addicted to meth in the fall

Your brother OD’d (Overdosed) when we went to the mall

I’m counting my teeth as they fall

You were spelling my name from my molars and canines

I’ve got addiction to this,

a fish on the hook who can’t get off of it

Take a hit, see my mom when I trip

She said if I die, I die

If I die, I die

I see needles in arms, fire in bone

And you know I still see you in my room when I close my eyes

See needles in arms, fire in bone

And you know I still see you in my room when I close my eyes

So, you cut yourself and your parents saw

Then, you ran away, trade your soul for a soul

Sell your body off for a pill or two

Come on baby, come on baby, let’s go get high in my room

Now you’re movin' in, where the devil lives

He’s a charming man, but there is evil in him

Never on his good side, always on his bad side

Wish he wouldn’t hurt you, wish you could reverse time

I see needles in arms fire in bone

And you know I still see you in my room when I close my eyes

And I see Needles in arms fire in bone

and you know I still see you in my room when I close my eyes

You’re not a bad dad, just a lost one

You got consumed by depression like your own son

Insecure of the things in your brain

Never followed through on anything


  • Writer's pictureNick Hartkop

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I just got home from recording Snoqualmie today. It is going to be the last single before the release of the album. Trees III will be on the album, so if you've been waiting for it, it'll be available then. This album to me has been a transition piece to me of learning to record with different producers at different studios. I think of this album more similar to my first full band release Dancebeats. It's me figuring out my music and where I want it to go now. To me these songs almost sound like demos and it reminds me of when I used to make my music in my bedroom. Now that I am finished recording I am going to take some time off and then begin writing my next release, which I want to take probably another year writing and releasing.

My goal for 2023 is to put on a charity show in Seattle Washington. I will buy out a venue and have everyone come for free, and we will have merchandise that will be donated to The Trevor Project. The performance would be my wife on bass and two of my good friends on drums and electric. My drummer travels for Broadway and cruise liners, and he is gone until May 15th of 2023 so it'll be soon after that. It's a long way away (Next summer) But it's necessary to start planning now and letting people know it's coming. I miss playing live, and if we could let people come for free, hang out and help a good cause, I think it could be amazing and I am looking forward to it. Both my therapist and my Rabbi will be there and it'll be a safe, fun way for me to play a show. I won't ever tour again because of my struggle with BPD/Bipolar and history of dropping off shows and wasting peoples time, but I want to play out again. Nothing is concrete at this time, it's just an idea.

We have a zip up hoodie, and a t-shirt that will be available on my website this month, and all proceeds go to Easterseals. Keep an eye on the blog for updates. We already have the designs and are just working on colors to pick out.

Snoqualmie will be out in the next couple of weeks, and the album will be out shortly after that. The album consists of every single I have put out the last two years.

Lastly, I have not responded to any emails in probably around a month and plan on getting to them this week, so if you have sent a message I will get back to you.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am really excited for you all to hear the new song.


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